Laura Hahn

At 32, I didn’t expect to move into my mom’s basement. I also didn’t expect to miss it so much, now that I’m gone.
Growing up, we got our Christmas trees from Mr. Munro, the man who owned our house before us.
My sister and my grandmother, who I called Dibi.
My grandmother lived with Alzheimer’s disease for years. And for years, my family and I would say things like:
The other day, one of Arthur's former students commented on an interview we did months ago with Eileen Fuentes, founder of The SPEACH:
I didn't know what to expect from my long-distance friendship with Arthur - but it wasn't this.
With Arthur
One Friday last month, I finally broke my news to Arthur.
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It's wedding season again, which means... it's dance season!
J. Covitch & Son
It was my first trip to Pennsylvania since Pop Pop passed away, and I was equal parts excited and apprehensive - excited because it was (and is) my favorite place on the planet; nervous because my favorite person wouldn't be there.
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