Library of Congress

In my 15 years working at the Library of Congress – my previous stop before AARP – one particular date stands out: Sept. 8, 2001. That was the day of the inaugural Library of Congress National Book Festival.
Juan Felipe Herrera
Juan Felipe Herrera, un hijo de trabajadores agrícolas inmigrantes en California, será el próximo 'Poeta laureado' de Estados Unidos, según lo anunció el miércoles la Library of Congress (Biblioteca del Congreso).
Billy Joel
In the mood for a melody? The Library of Congress will honor the original "Piano Man" with the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song in Washington.
For most of us, Bob Hope was that kinda creaky guy who did awkward old-timey standup comedy while people like Steve Martin and Richard Pryor were changing the world.
I recently ventured into the hollowed-out Virginia mountain where the Library of Congress keeps copies of every movie, TV show, and sound recording that's submitted for copyright. Officially, it's called the the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center.
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