Sam Elliott got a standing ovation from a full house when he took the stage following the screening of his new film, I’ll See You in My Dreams, at the Movies for Grownups Film Festival in Miami.
Por mucho tiempo, cuando alguien de mi familia o amigos me visitaba, solamente había dos lugares en Miami a los que se me ocurría llevarlo, las playas y Orlando en Florida. Conforme fui descubriendo mejor la ciudad, me di cuenta de que Miami, aunque es famosa por sus playas, también tiene otros lugares que divierten a sus visitantes. Te invito a conocer estos 10 lugares:
Robin Roberts
Here’s a chance for you to be part of our conversation with the keynote speaker at AARP’s Life@50+ National Event in Miami. Robin Roberts, the 54-year-old coanchor of ABC’s Good Morning America, is the most trusted person on television, according to recent surveys. She has openly shared both the highs and the lows of her life story with us as she’s steadily moved onto ever-widening public stages.
With their eyes on the prize — $5,000 and a professional recording session at DMI Music & Media in Pasadena, Calif. — five potential Superstars are bound for AARP’s Life@50+ event in Miami on May 15.
the role of technology in helping caregivers
Make room in your life for technology, family caregivers. That was a recurring theme at the American Society on Aging (ASA) annual conference that ended this past Saturday. And it was seconded heartily at the Boomer Summit, a daylong event held during ASA for entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations that market to boomers and older adults. At the Boomer Summit, 85 out of the 300 companies there focused on caregivers.
ERA protest march for AARP article
2014 is a pivotal year for boomers: It's when the last wave of us - that is, those born from 1946 to 1964 - turn 50.
Hands down, the best $25 I've ever spent: AARP's  Life@50+ National Event. That's the price of admission for the entire three day event ($35 for non-members), and you easily get 10 times that amount in return value in the form of world class entertainment, cutting edge information, and schwag ... lots and lots of schwag.
There are two types of famous people: There are the Snookies and the Kardashians, whose fame is, perversely, the result of being famous. Then there are the Billy Crystals and the Paul Williamses, whose fame comes layered with affection, because of the ways they've touched our lives.
UCSF professor of neurology Adam Gazzaley, left, explains how the EEG headset worn by Mickey Hart,
He was caring for his grandmother, which was just fine with Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart. Except she wasn't speaking.
Dr. Pepper Schwartz
I had the pleasure of talking to AARP members about being single and dating after 50 at their annual member event Life@50+ in New Orleans. Here are some of the key points from our discussion:
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