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Older Americans are living longer than ever, with a life expectancy at age 65 of about 20 more years for women and 18 more years for men, according to a new government report.
She was her usual chic and dynamic self. But since it was her birthday, she was even more exuberant. Yes, Wendy Williams just turned 50. And the iconic daytime talk show host whose name is synonymous with cutting edge entertainment is now - as she proclaimed - "The new face of 50!"
Grandchildren with Grandmother
By Alison Gopnik
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When it is unveiled in the coming weeks, the Social Security Trustees report will no doubt prompt the program's critics to call for change, as it does each year. And one of their suggestions will likely be to raise the age of eligibility for Social Security and Medicare benefits. It sounds so reasonable. Isn't everybody living longer? Unfortunately, the answer is no.
Politico Magazine has tallied the numbers, and the Oscar for best state goes to ... New Hampshire.
Older Persons Week launch, 29 September 2013
If you've heard that being a family caregiver can diminish your life expectancy, the results of a new  report from Johns Hopkins University should make you relax. It turns out that caring for a chronically ill or disabled family member can, in fact, extend a caregiver's life.
If a new medical treatment could slow aging and allow you to live to 120, would you want to?
In my nine years on Facebook, I've seen all kinds of posts. I was a senior in college when I joined, and photos back then - the few that friends uploaded to "random pics" albums - were from formals, study abroad, graduation. Slowly, engagements and bachelor/ette parties started trickling into the mix. Now that I'm 30, it's weddings, reunions, houses, babies.
The writer Oscar Wilde said "When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is." This is a great insight into how vital money can be at older ages - when we have a much more difficult time earning money or just can no longer work.
How long are you going to live? Here's one way to predict: How easily can you get up from sitting on the floor?
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