life expectancy

Women Lag in Life Expectancy Gains: American women are still expected to outlive their male counterparts by four years, but gains in women's longevity have slowed, according to a new study of mortality data. Between 1989 and 2009, life expectancy for U.S. men improved by an average of 4.6 years, while women's life expectancy improved by just 2.7 years. In many U.S. counties, women's life spans were shorter than they were 20 years ago.
I don't eat seafood - but this article from the Wall Street Journal today is seriously making a good case for consuming more fish with omega-3 fatty acids.
We all do it - wait until the final possible moment to find the perfect gifts for our friends and family. This article from Fox Business online highlights gift ideas for the retirees (or "semi- or soon-to-be retirees") in your life. I may take some of this advice, because I always find the hardest people to buy gifts for are my retired grandparents!
A new WHO study shows that a huge gap exists in the life expectancy of the world's richest and poorest people.
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