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Although COVID-19 had a sudden, profound impact on the U.S. economy, its impact on the fiscal health of Social Security has been modest.
Older Americans are living longer than ever, with a life expectancy at age 65 of about 20 more years for women and 18 more years for men, according to a new government report.
She was her usual chic and dynamic self. But since it was her birthday, she was even more exuberant. Yes, Wendy Williams just turned 50. And the iconic daytime talk show host whose name is synonymous with cutting edge entertainment is now - as she proclaimed - "The new face of 50!"
Politico Magazine has tallied the numbers, and the Oscar for best state goes to ... New Hampshire.
If a new medical treatment could slow aging and allow you to live to 120, would you want to?
In my nine years on Facebook, I've seen all kinds of posts. I was a senior in college when I joined, and photos back then - the few that friends uploaded to "random pics" albums - were from formals, study abroad, graduation. Slowly, engagements and bachelor/ette parties started trickling into the…
How long are you going to live? Here's one way to predict: How easily can you get up from sitting on the floor?
Here's some sweet news to add to your morning coffee:  Regular coffee drinkers are likely to live longer, says the largest study ever done on the subject.
Women Lag in Life Expectancy Gains: American women are still expected to outlive their male counterparts by four years, but gains in women's longevity have slowed, according to a new study of mortality data. Between 1989 and 2009, life expectancy for U.S. men improved by an average of 4.6 years, while women's life expectancy improved by just 2.7 years. In many U.S. counties, women's life spans were shorter than they were 20 years ago.
Crystal Ball 2.0: In the five weeks since a team of California doctors launched ePrognosis, the life expectancy predicting website has attracted more than half a million visits.
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