For Older Couples, Happy Wife Means Happy Life

As country singer Tracy Byrd put it, “When mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” And a new study backs him up. Researchers at the University of Michigan and Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J., found that for older married couples, when the wife is happy with the marriage, the husband is more likely to say he’s happy with his life — even if he’s not quite as satisfied with the union as she is. “I think it comes down to …

Aging and Optimistic? It’s More Common (and Warranted) Than You May Think

Optimism among the aged may be more common than you think. By "you," I mean the proverbial you, of course — you in particular might have no doubt that life doesn't stop being a bowl of cherries at 65. Based on what frequently runs in the media, however, anyone could be forgiven for thinking older Americans are all just downright miserable. So what a surprising change of pace this "United States of Aging" survey turned out to be.