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Calling all writers: Could you be the next Frank McCourt, Elizabeth Gilbert or Jeanette Walls - all authors of bestselling memoirs?
Pop Pop
There was one about a blind date. There was another about keeping kosher, but sneaking BLTs. And then there was one about our family's store surviving the Great Depression thanks to help from a friend.
If you haven't already done so, take a few minutes to read this charmingly offbeat obituary of Harry Weathersby Stamps, a recent viral sensation. Thanks to Amanda Stamps, we learned that her father, a resident of Long Beach, Miss., liked to drink buttermilk out of martini glasses and amuse his…
LIfe's Moments
Your life story is written by one person and only one person and that is YOU. We create each and every page of our unique life story. Each moment becomes part of our own personal blueprint.  Your story will be like no one else's. You can decided whether you are going to be a hero or a bully or a…
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