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Kampung Admiralty, Singapore
Multigenerational living is on the rise in the U.S. and this trend offers many benefits, such as cost savings on living expenses and reducing isolation.
Walking Shapes Our Bodies and Our Lives
Our built and natural environments play a vital role in our physical, social, psychological, spiritual and emotional health. So, it's important to find a neighborhood that's well designed, connected, and to protect the green space that runs through it.
Is Your Community Livable
When we see the yellow school bus making its rounds and picking up kids, we know it's time to turn around and head home.
Part of my work to make communities nationwide more walkable and livable is to help untangle conflicting values. We love and value families, children, safety, beauty, the outdoors, open space and nature. We want solid home prices, strong schools and neighbors who watch out for us. But then, for some reason, we resist the things that support these values. And we oppose efforts to make our neighborhoods more inviting, more comfortable, more livable.
Necessity truly is the mother of invention.
Throughout the year, even yesterday, my birthday, I get together with residents and leaders of communities to do something that is too rare these days: walk. And not just to walk for fun, but to help people see their streets through a new lens, one that focuses on how street design either supports or discourages active living and active transportation.
Today, AARP and the National Association of Homebuilders recognized four companies in four categories (architect, developer, builder greater than 2500 square feet, and builder 2500 square feet and below) by awarding them the 2009 Livable Communities Awards.
With the new transportation bill to go in fron of Congress this year, this is a great opportunity to let your elected officials know what you think about the roads where you live.
Home buyers are increasnigly looking for homes within walking distance of public transportation and stores.
With millions of boomers eyeing retirement, there is a growing demand for accessible and safe housing where people can age comfortably.
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