living alone

Movie star Greta Garbo was famous for saying, "I want to be let alone," but new research suggests that's a rotten philosophy to follow if you want to live longer.
An emotionally moving essay in the Washington Post last week about the loneliness and frustrations of assisted living has sparked an equally emotional outpouring from readers.
An Alzheimer's diagnosis isn't enough to keep some older adults from staying in their homes"”even if they live alone. According to a new study from the Alzheimer's Association, one in seven Americans with Alzheimer's"”some 800,000 people"”live alone. 
Married people live longer and healthier lives.  Consider this: nine out of ten married men who are alive at 48 will make it to 65-years-old (no, it will not just seem like it) as compared with six out of 10 of men who are not married.  Women on the other hand are in better shape statistically.  So…
After recently resolving longstanding argument with my neighbor, I appreciate this article more than ever. AARP Peter Lovenheim has a great piece on the importance of neighbors and how they can be allies -- especially after retirement:
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