AARP is asking the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to make the health of older adults a key priority for the agency.
AARP le pide a los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades (CDC) a que enfoquen su atención en las necesidades de salud de los adultos mayores
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AARP recently hosted public, private, and nonprofit professionals for a summit discussing ways to address disparities and inequality as we promote longer, healthier lives.
Employment projections for the next decade show an aging population driving changes in labor force and occupational growth.
February 2020 Data Digest Blog
Unemployment rate held steady for those ages 55 and older
Pan-American countries gather to discuss varying cultural, political, and economic experiences and challenges of new and existing strategies for long-term care.
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AARP is playing a leading role to help identify the necessary priorities and directions for improving health, productivity, and quality of life for older adults worldwide
April 2019 table
Employment was up again in April, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly Employment Situation data
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This week was great. First, I got to start the morning with a big mug of coffee while reading about a new study linking a big mug of coffee (or three) to a longer life.
The world’s population is rapidly aging. Such increased longevity brings opportunity and is something to celebrate, but it also brings challenges. Fortunately, there’s an increasing recognition that we need to create environments and systems that enable people to stay as healthy as possible as they…
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