April 2019 table
Employment was up again in April, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly Employment Situation data.
close-up of woman's hands holding a mug
This week was great. First, I got to start the morning with a big mug of coffee while reading about a new study linking a big mug of coffee (or three) to a longer life.
He’s served as The American President, terrified a generation of men into embracing marital fidelity in Fatal Attraction, and tickled the ivories as Liberace Behind the Candelabra.
The world’s population is rapidly aging. Such increased longevity brings opportunity and is something to celebrate, but it also brings challenges. Fortunately, there’s an increasing recognition that we need to create environments and systems that enable people to stay as healthy as possible as they age.
Social Security Card and Coins
When should you begin taking Social Security benefits? That was a question asked of AARP.org visitors and registered website users . Less than 19 percent selected age 70, though that’s exactly what I tell the vast majority of my clients to do. Most object to my recommendation until I frame the decision in a different way, which is that they can spend money now and still let it grow.
President Barack Obama and a host of experts and advocates for older Americans gathered at the White House July 13 to discuss a variety of issues about aging in America. Government programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are great triumphs, Obama told nearly 200 attendees at the White House Conference on Aging, which since 1961 has been held about once a decade to help chart the course of policies on aging. More than 600 “watch parties” were held across the country, allowing thousands more to view the conference online.
Ms. Joann Jenkins White House Conference on Aging
AARP is pleased to support the 2015 White House Conference on Aging (WHCoA) on July 13. Beginning with the first conference in 1961 and for each one since, AARP has offered strong support because the sessions not only shine a spotlight on issues related to aging in America but also lead to practical solutions that make life better for people as they age.
In retirement, my grandfather, Pop Pop, traveled the world with my grandmother. They went to Greece, China, Peru, Portugal — you name it. They’d spent years running a small business and raising three kids, so retirement was their chance to get away and see it all.
Senior women exercising
For a moment last week, research offered all of us slow, plodding exercisers a moment of revenge.
Polly Bergen (1960)
Actresses and singers come and go, but Polly Bergen had a multifaceted entertainment career that stretched from 1949 to 2012 because she was a star at just about everything she tried.
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