looking youthful

Back when our skin was young, juicy, oily and blemish prone, long lasting makeup and mattes saved us.  Cracking glass ceilings, juggling work, kids and marriage left no time for retouching so stay-put cosmetics ruled. Now a new generation of face, eye and lip products promises to cling nearly forever (no kidding one foundation claims "25-hour wear"). Silicones and film forming polymer technology keep the new stuff hanging on. So you ask, is long wear still part of our strategy or have we outgrown it? Here's my answer and these three celebs seem to get it right:
Front page love affairs and sexual politics are irresistible but the photos are what really grab us. We root for the wives caught down and dowdy by the paparazzi and boo the new mistresses looking spray-tanned, buff, Botox-d, with extra creepy long manes (extensions?), super-high heels and bright clingy dresses. Looking back on the Clinton, Edwards, Spitzer, Sanford, and Petraeus scandals as well as those closer to home, here's my advice to girlfriends of a certain age: get a killer divorce attorney, a fab therapist or yoga instructor and take your cues from big-time legendary temptresses like Marilyn Monroe, Jackie O, Coco Chanel, Catherine Deneuve and my all-time favorite role model Camilla Parker Bowles (now Duchess of Cornwall). These babes don't do trashy and trendy and always kept their chins up. Instead of trying to look like the other team, they make chic bobs, understated makeup, body-skimming basics, brains and wit the key to seduction and power. Whether you're newly single, dating, married or have one foot out the door, three tips keep your sizzle going with lots of class and no regrets. You want:
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