Medicare Part D

Medicare Changes: What You Need to Know
Nuestra última teleasamblea desglosa los cambios en Medicare que necesitas conocer.
Medicare Changes: What You Need to Know
Our latest Tele-Town Hall breaks down the changes you need to know about in Medicare.
Desde ahora hasta el 7 de diciembre, las personas inscritas en los planes de Medicare o Medicare Advantage pueden cambiar su cobertura para el próximo año durante la inscripción abierta.
From now through Dec. 7, people enrolled in Medicare or Medicare Advantage plans can change their coverage for next year during open enrollment.
High and growing prescription drug prices will eventually affect all Americans in some way. Congress is currently considering proposals that will permit Medicare to negotiate with drug companies, as well as discourage price increases that exceed inflation.
Woman looks at bottle of medication.
Despite the myriad of financial challenges facing patients and all Americans, many brand name drug companies have already increased the prices of their products in 2022.
Current Medicare customers have until Dec. 7 to compare their plan with others and switch their coverage during 2021 open enrollment. Beneficiaries can switch between Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans or choose a different Medicare Part D drug plan.
Happy Birthday, Social Security — AARP
This summer marks another successful anniversary for Social Security and Medicare as Social Security turns 83 and Medicare turns 53.
Fifteen years ago, President George W. Bush signed the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act which, among other things, created Medicare Part D to cover outpatient prescription drugs. Today, more than 40 million Americans are enrolled in Medicare Part D prescription drug…
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