Former President Jimmy Carter Holds News Conference On His Cancer Diagnosis
Former president Jimmy Carter, who announced Thursday he has melanoma that had spread to his liver and brain, is being treated with two cutting-edge therapies that offer new hope to the 76,000 Americans diagnosed annually with this type of cancer.
Who’s better at using sunscreen lotion, men or women? Truthfully, they’re both pretty lousy at it, according to a new government study. Even sadder: New testing of sunscreen lotions finds you can’t always believe the claims on the label.
In English | Las mujeres —incluso las mujeres inteligentes como tú y yo— hacen trampa cuando de protector solar se trata.
Here's a scary new fact to get you in gear: More than 10 percent of skin cancers occur on the eyelids. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, these tumors can grow deep beneath the skin (think icebergs waiting to surface) and increase the rapid growth of other skin cancers on your face.
summer-skin sunscreen
Boricua al fin, me crié yendo a la playa con mis amigos a pasarla chévere los fines de semana. Usualmente no le daba mucha importancia al tema de estar bajo el sol candente del Caribe todo el dí­a, sin mucha protección. Hasta que una vez me quemé la espalda de tal manera que estuve semanas con…
By age 50 most women have experienced some form of sun damage - and many have been through the ordeal of skin cancer.
Older women who took aspirin at least twice a week had a lower risk of developing melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer, a new study finds.
Attention men: Before you head outdoors this summer, make sure you are wearing sunscreen. Because evidently, you need some reminding. (Ok, nagging.)
Overall cancer deaths in the United States are down, driven by steep declines in fatal cases of lung and breast cancer. But certain, more rare cancers are up"”and older adults have seen the steepest inclines.
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