A woman getting a vaccine shot from a female medical professional
A yearly shot to prevent flu or pneumonia might reduce your chances of getting dementia.
A woman and girl picking fruit together outside
To substantially lower your risk of dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease, here’s a to-do list that a new study suggests may help.
Women are twice as likely to get Alzheimer’s disease as men, but for years, doctors assumed that was simply because women lived longer. Now it appears there’s more to it.
Alzheimer's vs. Cognitive Aging infographic
The Institute of Medicine today released a groundbreaking new report that spells out what older Americans can do to keep their brains healthy into very old age, while offering insight into the lifestyle habits and medications that can lead to cognitive decline.
Business people talking
You’ve probably heard the tips. Visualize something about the person that will remind you of the name: Rose — the woman wearing the pink sweater. Spike — the guy with the hair. Repeat the name either mentally or out loud.
San Francisco Zoo Valentine with Cockroaches
News, discoveries and ... fun
Tiny Hamster Enjoying Thanksgiving
News, discoveries and ... fun
News, discoveries and ... fun
Fading memory
I was absolutely certain we were in the right neighborhood, on the right street, in the right city of the right county and in the right solar system, but I was wrong.
Man gazing out sad profile
A few years ago, I wrote about a lawyer in his 40s who was in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. We met for lunch at an oceanside restaurant  and watched a restless surge of waves breaking in eternal conversation with the man about to lose his history.
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