‘Biggest Loser’s’ Joe Faces His ‘Makeover Reveal’

The following is a guest post from Joe Ostaszewski of the Biggest Loser. Look for his posts here every Tuesday after the show. WEEK 10 – “MAKEOVER REVEAL” “Success … to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or redeemed social condition … this is to have succeeded” … Ralph Waldo Emerson. Week 10’s episode, “Makeover Reveal”, provided stunning evidence of the very essence of the word: renovate … restore … reinvigorate … refresh …

Thomas Szasz: The Rebel Who Changed Psychiatry

Dr. Thomas Szasz wasn’t a popular figure in his chosen specialty of psychiatry, in part because he denounced his colleagues as little more than quacks and questioned whether the disorders they were diagnosing even existed. Indeed, Szasz’s controversial 1961 book, The Myth of Mental Illness, contained the mental health equivalent of the 95 Theses that Martin Luther nailed to a church door in Wittenberg. Szasz, who died on Sept. 8 at age 92 at his home near Syracuse, N.Y.,  charged that there …

The Takeaway: Performing Helped Bruce Springsteen Cope With Severe Depression

By now, you may have heard about the New Yorker profile of Bruce Springsteen in which the now 62-year-old rocker talks about — gasp! — suffering from depression. The admission has swiftly been making the media rounds, because I guess it's not every day that a symbol of good old-fashioned American working-class masculinity admits to something as unmanly as mental illness. And depression at that! Oh my. Generally when our rock stars have psychiatric problems, we like it to be something sexy, like drug addiction.

The Takeaway: Anxiety Could Make You Age Faster

Afraid of crowds? Heights? Spiders? If you suffer from one of these or other "phobic anxieties" — and about 6 to 10 percent of the American population does — it could mean you'll age more rapidly than your non-phobic counterparts. In fact, a study published this week found that compared to a person with no phobic symptoms, seriously anxious individuals were aging about six years faster.

The Takeaway: 1 in 5 Older Adults Have Mental Health or Substance Abuse Issues

A new report finds 20 percent of older adults suffer from mental health or substance abuse problems. With an aging boomer population and a serious shortage of doctors, nurses and other health workers trained in mental health care, "the burden of mental illness and substance abuse disorders in older adults in the United States borders on a crisis," researchers say.

The Takeaway: Health-Care Costs Rise Faster Than U.S. Inflation Rate

Higher charges by doctors, hospitals and drug companies have resulted in healthcare costs that have risen even faster than the rate of inflation, according to a survey released today by the Health Care Cost Institute, a nonprofit research organization in Washington DC. The study found that health care costs rose 3.3 percent in 2010 even though people actually used fewer services in many categories.  The average price of prescription drugs rose 3 percent; inpatient admissions cost 5.1 percent;  more and …