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Older couple looking in mirror
Plastic surgery, Botox, fillers - anything (and everything!) to help us look prettier and perkier is on the rise.
On Monday in New York City, First Lady Michelle Obama cut the ribbon to open the Anna Wintour Costume Center at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Michelle Obama Kicks Off South Lawn Series Of Summer Activities For Kids
Dear Mrs. Obama:
Michelle Obama Attends Las Vegas Rally One Day Before Election
La primera dama de Estados Unidos celebra medio siglo de vida con una gran fiesta en la Casa Blanca y en medio de toda la alegrí­a, nerviosismo y preguntas que tan importante cumpleaños trae consigo, ya comenzó a prepararse para los años que están por venir.
First Lady Michelle Obama, who once said she looks forward to being "this really fly 80-, 90-year-old," turns 50 on Friday and is getting a lot of media attention because her new interview in People magazine leaves the door open to using Botox. Oh my!
If you could skip through time and live forever at a certain point in life, what age would it be? Given our traditionally youth-obsessed culture and penchant for nostalgia, you might guess that most Americans would choose to be perpetual teenagers.
On the April 24 "Today" show, President Obama laid out the strategy he and Michelle have devised to discourage their daughters from getting tattoos.
Are you as pumped as I am to see 42, the new movie about Jackie Robinson ?
Of course you love a thick, juicy, all-American burger. Even First Lady Michelle Obama, anti-obesity advocate and nutrition-conscious mom, recently ordered a burger and fries at D.C.'s Shake Shack during a lunch with friends.
First Lady Michelle Obama gave service and volunteerism a boost this week.
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