Michelle Pfeiffer

I love being an “early adopter” of new style and beauty trends. For the novelty, sure, but mainly for the utility: It makes me feel useful when I get a chance to weed out the nonstarters for my posse of age-50+ girlfriends — and that includes you!
This week I'll travel from my home in Kentucky to stand at the spot in New Hope, Pa., where NBC News anchor Jessica Savitch (right) died 30 years ago tonight on the rainy fall evening of October 23. I'll be wearing one of her amethyst birthstone rings - a gift from her sister, Lori, whose…
As the September movie doldrums continue, this weekend brings two films about dysfunctional families. But that's where the similarites end.
The last time I reviewed a movie with Julia Roberts in it, I rather unkindly compared her to Sylvester Stallone, who also had a flick opening that weekend (they are both, I observed, mostly about their eyes and lips). I felt badly afterward (but not very), because I'd really like to see Roberts in…
With the announcement of her being cast in a cinematic adaptation of French writer Collete's Chéri, Michelle Pfeiffer talked to folks about the joys of being an older actress. While many think (and say) that older actresses tend to lose work as older men get even more Hollywood jobs, Pfeiffer said…
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