Hold the Butter: Artificial Flavoring on Popcorn Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

Though I'm a pretty healthy eater most of the time, one of my few junk food weaknesses is movie theater popcorn — and the more butter, the better. That oily, artificially flavored buttery topping is what makes the snack worthwhile! It's also what makes it terrible, apparently. Long suspected as a cause of lung damage, researchers are now linking butter flavoring to Alzheimer's disease.

Microwave Popcorn’s Health Problem: It’s In The Bag

Every day at 4 p.m., like clockwork, one of my co-workers makes a bag of microwave popcorn. We all can hear it popping and then, of course, the fake-buttery aroma permeates the office, which invariably causes someone to ask — “Isn’t that stuff bad for you?” Actually, it’s not popcorn, per se, that people should be worried about. It’s the microwave bag in which it cooks that many experts say is the problem. Popcorn itself is healthy. It’s a whole-grain …