“What’s it like for you, coming over here?” my daughter asks when I stop by her house for a visit. “It must be like entering the gates of hell.”
Coco Chanel once said, "A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future."
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Mother knows best. And backers of the new health care law want young adults to start listening when their moms say they need to have health insurance.
How valuable is dad? We're happy to report that he's more valuable this year than he was last year.
Some things get better with time. The holidays to me fall into that category. We seem to linger with friends a little longer, recognize the true meaning of the season, really enjoy watching all the wonderful classic holiday movies, converse over special ornaments as we hang them on the tree, and on…
In honor of Mother's Day we have a guest post  from Jessica Kirkwood, Vice President, Interactive Strategy for Points of Light Instutute . Jessica is a good friend of AARP and can be found on Twitter at @heyjk.
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