Money Talk

iStock_000008661655Large Roth IRA
Small businesses would be able to band together to create a joint 401(k) retirement plan, and some part-time workers could participate in their employer’s plan, under proposals to be included in President Obama’s final budget to Congress.
If you recently changed your password to “starwars” in honor of the blockbuster movie, congratulations. Your new password is among the world’s worst — or rather, one of the most hackable.
Social Security Cards
Workers are often confused about Social Security, which can lead them to shortchange themselves later when claiming benefits.
New Pew Research Center study finds millions of children living with grandparents and provides insight into circumstances of the parents.
Hispanic Heritage Month is a great time not only to recognize and celebrate the contributions of Hispanics and Latino Americans, but also to reevaluate what it will take to prepare for financial resilience in the future. It’s an opportunity for individuals, families and communities to develop actionable strategies to achieve  financial freedom.
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