A Lifetime of Debt

Growing up 40 years ago, one of my favorite pastimes was playing The Game of Life, the classic Milton Bradley board game that takes players through their simulated lives – from college to retirement – with make believe jobs, families, and other life-changers all along the way.  It was always a lot fun to play, and it gave me a chance to fantasize a little about what my own real-life future might be like. The other day I ran across …

The Takeaway: New Refinancing Help For ‘Underwater’ Homeowners; Stretching Helps Chronic Back Pain

Helping Homeowners Tread Water: Meeting yesterday with distressed homeowners in Las Vegas-the ‘foreclosure capital of the nation’-President Obama unveiled a plan to allow homeowners who owe more than their properties are worth to refinance mortgages at today’s low rates, which are hovering near 4 percent. If you think this has shades of 2009 all over it-well, you’re right: The new plan is a revised version of the previous Home Affordable Refinance Program-which didn’t have as much effect as the administration would …

News To Know: Lending A Hand

Citigroup announced a mortgage modification program for customers who are out of work and at least 60 days behind on mortgage payments.

News To Know: Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Experts have noted the potential for homeowners to intentionally stop paying their mortgages to qualify for government assistance.

Research: 50+ Crowd Hit Hard By Financial Crisis

A recent study by AARP Public Policy Institute shows that Americans over 50 have been affected by the financial trouble facing the country.