Star Wars action figures
I blame Star Wars for halting my annual cleaning spree. Confronted in the attic with boxes of 1980s-era toys, from Darth Vader figures to a Millennium Falcon spacecraft, I called my son to tell him I was going to throw them out. Stunned silence. He lives in a small New York City apartment, so he's not able to store the toys — but he couldn’t imagine tossing them either.
Americans stayed put in record low numbers from 2005 until 2010, according to a new Census Bureau study. Only 35.4 percent of people moved during the period, the lowest rate ever recorded by the Census Current Population Survey, and 4.1 percent lower than during the previous five-year period.
Garage full of boxes
In my last post I shared what happened to me when I let my 'caring for the caregiver' habits slide ... back pain stopped me cold.  It happened at a critical time during my parents' move from their senior living apartment back into the house with me.
amy packing w biofreeze
It's a subtle thing. It happens bit by creeps up and then one time too many of lifting the wheelchair into the trunk and-BAM! -it smacks me flat, usually at the most inopportune time.That's what happened to me last week when my back screamed, "Stop!"  I have a history of back problems, but my back hasn't flared up this badly in about 10 years. The timing couldn't be worse.  We are packing up my parents' senior living apartment and the movers are scheduled to come in three days. This time, they are moving in with me - back into the home they lived in for 28 years where I have been living for the past three years.  This new arrangement will better allow me to care for both my Mom, who has had a stroke and has multiple other health issues, and my Dad, who has dementia.
I've had a strange obsession with watching The Waltons the past few months. I find myself DVRing every episode on three different channels. I watch 4 episodes a day. For some reason, I've been oddly attracted to their TV-land multigenerational family living and the connection to my childhood (when The Waltons was in its prime.)
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