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We all have people who inspire and influence us as role models in how we care for our loved ones. Amy describes an amazing woman who was her role model for caregiving.
Not even 5 feet tall, she was tiny but powerful; she filled up a room. She was my second "mommie;" counselor, comforter, friend and inspiration. Dr. Anne Samaan, my best friend Laurette and her sister Jenny's mom, and my godchild Catalina's grandmother, died last week; she was 91. The world is dimmer without her sometimes colorful presence. She has influenced me since I was 6 years old, especially because she was a caregiving pioneer.
As a music therapist, I worked for many years with older adults and children with special needs using music as a tool to achieve non-musical goals. I used music to encourage expression and social interaction, physical activity and movement, brain stimulation, healing, verbal expression and communication, expression of emotions, reminiscence and even achieve simple eye contact.
teen grandson and grandpa
A Twitter follower of mine, @Jason_Bournesm, tweeted me a question the other day about his grandfather who has Alzheimer's disease:
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