Don’t Tweet Me

The President of the United States held the first-ever Twitter press conference recently, and while it’s true the event did not mark the end of Western Civilization, it did lead me to believe that when the end comes, the last living historian will Tweet: “2bad :(” There was one heartening aspect to the White House exercise, however: Although the questioners all stuck to Twitter’s 140-character-max requirement, the Tweeter-In-Chief responded in actual unlimited, thoughtful sentences, fully understanding that unless you happen …

Showing Your Face On Facebook

Social networking sites aren't just for kids anymore as millions of older people sign up.

And the Champ Concert Ticket Contest Winner is…

Divided We Fail is proud to announce our Facebook and MySpace winners of the Champ Summer Concert Ticket Contest.

Champ of the Week

Divided We Fail is proud to recognize Steven P. Smith, from Boston, as this week's DWF "Champ of the Week".

Champ Contest Tickets Still up for Grabs!

Divided We Fail offers concert tickets to volunteers!

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Over a half million people have signed the Divided We Fail pledge.