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As discussions on Capitol Hill heat up around what to include in a huge new budget bill, AARP chief advocacy and engagement officer Nancy LeaMond on Thursday sent lawmakers a list of provisions that would “improve the health and financial security of all older Americans.” Her letter to the House…
From the 2018 AARP National Livable Communities Conference
As the Senate defeated the “skinny” health care repeal bill this morning, AARP thanked Republican Senators Susan Collins, John McCain, and Lisa Murkowski, as well as Senate Democrats and Independents for opposing the bill.
As the Senate plans to vote on the so-called “skinny” health care repeal bill, AARP continues its strong opposition to all of the health care repeal bills, which would ultimately result in higher costs and less coverage for older Americans.
It’s a long road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but the 2016 election has begun. As I sit here after the final totals are being tallied for South Carolina and Nevada, I thought I would share a couple of insights that I’ve learned coming out of the first couple of caucuses and primaries.
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Every month, I learn about a new holiday or commemorative date to raise awareness.  From the sublime to the ridiculous, there are 30 such commemorations in April, including Vitamin C Day and Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day. While there’s a lot to celebrate about taking your vitamins — and taking…
You may have heard the 2010 Medicare and Social Security Trustees Report was released today. Below are AARP statements on the report for those interested.
Check out this editorial in Politico from Nancy LeaMond, Executive Vice President at AARP. She talks about the "sobering" realities that senior citizens face when it comes to health care, and where AARP stands on the issues at hand with health care reform. She discusses the need to close that…
Yesterday, AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond made AARP's stance on age discrimination known: AARP fully and "vigorously" - according to the New York Times - backs the proposed legislation Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act.
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