Oliver Sacks was perhaps the only neurologist to inspire a hit Hollywood film, 1990's Awakenings starring Robin Williams. The movie was based on Sacks' 1973 memoir about his work with encephalitis patients, one of 14 books by the physician and professor turned author, who passed away Aug. 30 at age…
Brain health of younger adults
About a decade ago, Frances Jensen’s sweet-natured 15-year-old son returned home from a friend’s house with his hair dyed black and announced he was planning to add red streaks.
I lived in Stockholm for two years after college and doggedly learned Swedish, even though most Swedes speak beautiful English. Not only could I communicate better with then-tiny (now giant) Swedish nephews, turns out it was a good move for my brain. Learning a second language - even as an adult -…
Migraine sufferer
If you suffer from migraines, how worried should you be about a recent study that suggests the painful disorder may permanently change  brain structure?
B0007649 Blood cells in a blood vessel
In yet another study linking healthy blood flow to brain health, new research finds that older adults with anemia - low levels of red blood cells - have an increased risk for dementia.
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