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A tragic subway death in New York City has drawn public attention to the need for accessible transportation in all communities
I’m not germophobic — well, not clinically so — but weeks of Ebola scares have me stashing hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes in every handbag I own.
Times Square in New York is one of those places that people recognize and can picture even if they’ve never set foot in the city. And although Times Square itself has changed a lot in 110 years (the location received its current name when the New York Times moved its headquarters there in 1904), it retains its unique appearance and sense of place.
You may have encountered Editta Sherman as a larger-than-life character in the 2010 documentary film about her fellow Carnegie Hall resident, Bill Cunningham ( Bill Cunningham New York). The two photographers were friends for decades, and part of their special bond was living in a unique artists colony above America's most famous concert hall.
At 86, distance runner Joy Johnson was a remarkable athlete.
Rafael Lee is 82, it's true. But the New Yorker's energy and attitude revealed itself when he hired a lawyer to protest a law firm's attempt to evict him from his rent-controlled apartment - and won.
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Photo ABC News V Giordano
"I'd do anything to get a job" - or "I'd give anything to land a job."
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg takes a look at "senior centers" and seeks to update them with his business-minded point of view and results-oriented attitude.
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