Peyton Manning, la gran leyenda de la NFL, dijo que quería retirarse tras jugar la última temporada, pero aunque esa era su intención, le costó más de un mes hacerlo oficial y finalmente este lunes, el quarterback de los Broncos de Denver, anunció su retiro en una emotiva conferencia de prensa.
Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen
En español | No dairy. No caffeine. No sugar. No mushrooms, peppers or eggplant. Tomatoes, only rarely — maybe once a month. And lots and lots of green veggies.
The NFL kicks off on Sept. 10, bringing to an end weeks of preseason training for the teams. But the players weren’t the only people learning a new game book. Teams from San Francisco to New York have brought in consultants to teach boomer coaches how to better interact with millennial players.
Frank Gifford
As the low-key buffer between folksy “Dandy Don” Meredith and pontificating Howard Cosell on ABC’s Monday Night Football , Frank Gifford became such a sportscasting institution that some younger viewers might not have realized that he was once one of the game’s top players.
There was a time when sports fans watching a live game on TV had no choice but to play close attention throughout. If they missed a spectacular play while reaching for the bowl of chips, they didn’t get a second chance to see it.
740-seattle-seahawks-crowd[2] copy
If you’re lucky enough to attend Sunday’s NFL playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers, bring your noise-canceling headphones. It might also be a good idea to tie down your valuables before you leave home. Seismographers from the University of Washington have found that the crowd noise at CenturyLink Field is so loud that it generates earthquakes. Minor ones, so far, but this is a big game.
William F. Buckley
Notable events from our shared experience
Woman in fear of domestic abuse
La violencia en las relaciones de pareja puede ser difícil de percibir porque en muchos casos se considera normal por los mismos cónyuges y, en el caso de las mujeres, ellas no buscan ayuda porque ni siquiera se dan cuenta de que son víctimas, según los especialistas.
Es el evento deportivo más importante para los estadounidenses, pero también lo viven millones de personas alrededor del mundo. El Super Bowl número XVLIII (llamado Super Tazón en algunos paí­ses hispanohablantes) se llevará a cabo este domingo en el MetLife Stadium en New Jersey, Nueva York, lugar donde se enfrentarán Los Broncos de Denver y los Seahawks (Halcones Marinos) de Seatle.
There are more than 18,000 retired NFL players. Some time ago, more than 4,500 of these former players - a full quarter of them - sued the NFL over traumatic brain injuries that they claim caused dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and other conditions.
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