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It has been awhile since I’ve been asked why AARP has a center devoted to nursing. Maybe that is because it’s been a part of AARP long enough that by now people know. After all, it has been 12 years since the Center to Champion Nursing in America began its mission to see that people—all people—have access to a nurse when and where they need it.
En esta Semana Nacional del Enfermero, deseo agradecer a todo el maravilloso personal de enfermería que he tenido la suerte de conocer. Cada día, los enfermeros del país ponen en práctica sus increíbles habilidades y su compasión para brindar alivio durante momentos difíciles y cuidar de los más vulnerables. Cuando cuidaba a mis padres, los enfermeros fueron parte fundamental de nuestro equipo de cuidado. En especial, la enfermera Sue, quien visitaba a mis padres en su hogar. Aunque todo el personal de enfermería realiza un trabajo increíble, me gustaría hoy centrarme en los enfermeros especializados y otros enfermeros registrados con capacitación avanzada (APRN). Ya sea en ciudades grandes, pueblos pequeños o áreas rurales, los enfermeros especializados realizan labores increíbles por las personas a las que cuidan. Han completado estudios de posgrado en áreas como la atención primaria y el cuidado de adultos mayores. Esto los capacita para atender a los adultos mayores del país en sus propios hogares y comunidades, lejos de las instituciones costosas financiadas por los contribuyentes. También se encargan de lo siguiente:
ThankYouNursesV3 SQ
This National Nurses Week, I’d like to stop and take a moment to say thank you to all of the amazing nurses that I’m fortunate to know. Each and every day, nurses across the country use their incredible skills and compassion to provide comfort during difficult times and care when we’re at our most vulnerable. When I was caring for my parents, nurses became a critical part of our care team. Especially Nurse Sue who visited my parents in their home. While all nurses do incredible work, I’d like to focus today on nurse practitioners and other advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs). In big cities, small towns and rural areas, alike, nurse practitioners do remarkable things for the people they serve. They’ve completed advanced education at the master’s or doctoral level, focused in areas like primary and elder care. With this training they care for older Americans in their homes and communities, keeping them out of costly, taxpayer-funded institutions. They handle:
During National Nurses Week, I am making a special effort to say “thank you” to all the nurses in my life, and I invite you to do the same. Each and every day, in communities across the country, nurses help their patients to get and stay well. They use their incredible skills to comfort us in difficult times and care for us when we’re at our most vulnerable.
This month, as state legislative sessions start kicking off across the country, AARP, too, will go to work — fighting for you and your family. In all 50 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, we’ll be fighting to make sure your voice is heard, focusing on the key issues you’re facing front and center, in your daily life.
As National Nurses Week concludes, I want to take a moment and thank all nurses — past, present, and future — for all that you do. I know firsthand the importance of nurses not only to patients, but to their families. During the 15 years I cared for my parents, nurses made a huge difference in our lives. There’s no doubt, caregiving takes a team, and so often nurses were a part of my family’s team.
At kitchen tables across America, real families are confronting the same question: How will we care for Mom and Dad (or another loved one) if something happens and they can’t take care of themselves?
I Heart Caregivers
As we enter National Family Caregivers Month, I think back to the time I spent as a caregiver to my mom.  For 12 years I was by her side, through diabetes, congestive heart failure, hospitalizations and more — all while juggling my job and raising my kids. It wasn’t always easy, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.
As I drove from Billings, Mont., to Sheridan, Wyo., I saw a sign for "Buffalo 36 miles." Then it occurred to me that something felt strangely familiar. I grew up in a town called Lockport, about 29 miles from Buffalo, N.Y. So I researched a bit more. Sheridan has a population of 17,800; 20,000 live in Lockport. Sheridan gets about 72 inches of snow a year; Lockport posts a competitive 69 inches. And though my hometown doesn't have mountain ranges, it does share the same challenge — how to support family caregivers.
Susan Reinhard speaks at an AARP forum in Washington, DC
Last month I moderated a fascinating panel discussion on health care that included business leaders, policymakers, insurers and health care experts. Each panelist brought a different perspective to the conversation, but an important point of agreement was clear: Nurses are key to meeting America’s growing health care needs.
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