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Carrie Blakeway Amero standing on front steps with her grandparents
The nursing home industry and the agencies that oversee it are slowing coming around to including consumer experience feedback in the informational tools available to families trying to choose a facility.
The Supreme Court heard arguments last week in a case that may decide if millions of long-term care residents can sue state-run nursing facilities.
Happy senior man having coffee with friends at table in nursing home
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has signed a bill requiring long-term care staffing agencies to verify the credentials of their contractors with the state.
AARP Foundation lawyers this week filed a class action lawsuit against Alden Group, a nursing home operator alleged to have understaffed facilities.
United States Supreme Court
AARP Foundation recently published its annual Supreme Court Preview, detailing some higher-profile cases expected to be argued before the court.
An estimated 40 percent of residents and 70 percent of staffers have not received a booster, according to our latest analysis of federal nursing home data.
Happy senior man having coffee with friends at table in nursing home
Michiganders have been presented with a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to overhaul the state’s long-term care system, according to a new AARP Michigan report.
Live Q&A on Coronavirus: Boosters, Testing and Nursing Home Safety
We discussed the future of boosters and testing for COVID-19 and what nursing home residents and staff can expect in the months ahead.
Illinois lawmakers passed a bill that will pump hundreds of millions of dollars into improving nursing home residents’ quality of care and staff wages.
Two years of the COVID-19 public health crisis have clarified the steps needed to establish a more secure future for all.
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