Diana Nyad Nears Florida Keys and 63rd Birthday On Fourth Day of Swim

<strong>Update:</strong> Sad news! Soon after I posted this update this morning, CNN reported that Diana Nyad had to be pulled from the water due to severe jellyfish stings and a dangerous lightening storm. "With all the threats continuing, Diana decided that it was not a risk that we wanted to take," Nyad's operations chief Mark Sollinger said.

Senior Olympics Recruiting for 2013 Games

As the Summer 2012 Olympics in London continue to draw the world's attention, Mike Sophia is already focused on summer 2013. That's when the National Senior Games — aka the "Senior Olympics" — will take place, and Sophia is already lining up older athletes to compete in what he expects to be a record-breaking event.

The Takeaway: 101-Year-Old Utah Paraglider Breaks Record

"If the notion strikes, I'll go again," said <strong>Mary Hardison</strong>, the 101-year-old Utah woman who just stole a Guinness World Record for <strong>oldest female paraglider</strong> from a 100-year-old woman from Cyprus, who took her paraglide ride in 2007. <a href="http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=148974986">According to the <em>Associated Press</em></a>, Hardison ushered in her birthday last year (on Sept. 1, 2011) with a tandem"”accompanied by a guide/instructor"”paraglide ride, and was this week officially recognized as the "Oldest Female to Paraglide Tandem."

The Takeaway: Boomers Embrace Outdoor Activities, Team Sports

Boomers are embracing team sports and other fitness activities much more than aging Americans of previous generations did. They're not just walking and running and joining gyms, but signing playing basketball and signing up for adult hockey leagues.

Top AARP Health Videos of 2011: Ernestine Shepherd: BodyBuilder-My Generation

Recently inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for the oldest competitive female body builder, Ernestine Shepherd began pumping iron when she was in her fifties. Now, she uses her life and flex appeal to be an ageless inspiration.

The Takeaway: Debt Ceiling; Colorectal Cancer; Older Athletes

President Obama rallied Congress yesterday to get back to work on a debt ceiling deal. Last week, I posted a hypothetical from the Bipartisan Policy Center on what could happen to Social Security if lawmakers don’t make the August 2 deadline.