Hiring Managers Prefer Older Workers to Millennials

Employers would rather hire workers over 50 than those under 30, according to a new survey. Hiringmanagers said "mature workers" were more reliable, more professional and had better writing skills, among other benefits. Younger workers were seen as having a less positive work ethic and being less skilled at time management. They did have the edge, however, when it came to creativity and technological savvy.

Employers Want to Hang On to Boomer Workers

In another blow to conventional wisdom, a new survey finds many employers actively want older employees to keep working past 65. Only 4 percent of of the 412 employers recently polled by BMO Retirement Services said they think extended careers will be bad for their company. Nearly half said they think boomers delaying retirement will be a net positive for employers.

Poll: Businesses Concerned About Losing Older Workers

To prepare for a brain drain when scores of Boomers retire, many U.S. employers are ramping up training and taking other measures to avert challenges in the workplace, a new poll finds. Of 430 human resource professionals surveyed, nearly three in four  (72 percent) say the loss of talented older workers is a problem or a potential problem for their organizations. Over 50 percent polled say employees 50-plus have a stronger work ethic, bring more professionalism to their job, and …