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Today, on the UN International Day of Older Persons, Jean Accius celebrates the vital contributions of his grandmother, Anouca, and others like her.
When the fanny pack was introduced to American consu mers in 1988, AdWeek hailed it as “the hottest product of the year.”
Women are twice as likely to get Alzheimer’s disease as men, but for years, doctors assumed that was simply because women lived longer. Now it appears there’s more to it.
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Bloomers are booming—and I’m flipping out.
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Who’s contacting me at online dating sites? It would appear to be the much younger and the much older.
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Every summer my postmenopausal body and I play a little game I like to call Find the Swimsuit:
Older women stroke risk
Older women have a higher risk of stroke than men and should strive to reduce that risk, say the first guidelines aimed specifically at preventing stroke in women.
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Why do women in their 50s find it so hard to get a good night's sleep?
Is the paleo diet the best for losing weight? Or how about Weight Watchers? Maybe low fat? South Beach? Atkins?
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Coco Chanel famously said,
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