As the executive director of the Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH), I am always on the lookout for brain-healthy foods. I scan grocery aisles for chocolate bars with more than 70 percent cocoa, feel that I’m stimulating my brain when I down my morning coffee and even feel virtuous when drinking…
Remember the chia pets from the '70s, those cute little clay animals that grew green "hair" from sprouting seeds on top of their heads? These days it's chia seeds - cousins of those used in the kitschy figurines - that are the current craze for the health benefits they pack.
For the millions who hoped that popping one of those amber omega-3 fish oil pills every day might protect against heart disease, a major study has disappointing news.
If you've been buying omega-3 fish oil pills to help prevent mental decline as you age, save your money.
I don't eat seafood - but this article from the Wall Street Journal today is seriously making a good case for consuming more fish with omega-3 fatty acids.
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