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A day after President Barack Obama gave the go-ahead for the Treasury Department to create a "starter" savings account, experts are weighing whether it will be worthwhile or just another ignored investment tool.
Hell-o 401(k). So nice to see you increasing in value. Here's hoping for a record second quarter just like the first.
Jonathan Peterson
The following is a guest post from author Jonathan Peterson, an executive communications director at AARP and a former national and financial correspondent for the Los Angeles Times. 
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Personal finance expert Lynette Khalfani-Cox, a.k.a.  The Money Coach, says living within your means is the best thing you can do to be financially secure. But if it's so simple, why is it so hard?
Dog with visa card by cat edens
The national debt ceiling deadline continues to dominate headlines as August 2 nears, but a recent Associated Press-GfK poll highlights debt stress of a different kind. It revealed that more than half of Americans have money worries about what they owe to creditors.
Yesterday, AARP's Director of Financial Security, Jean Stetzfand, was featured in a segment NPR's "Tell Me More" program. Stetzfand is discussing the issue of older workers and unemployment - a topic that is gaining more and more exposure in the media recently, and obviously one that is important…
We received a clarion call a few years ago when we discovered that 69% of our members were still providing some level of financial support to their adult children. We realized that we had both an obligation and an opportunity to get more involved and help young adults (aged 18-34 years) understand…
On Friday, this great article about AARP's health insurance options was featured on CBS Money Watch. The article takes an in-depth look at AARP's range of health insurance plans and what they mean for you, in terms of deductibles, preventative care and more.
Yesterday, AARP CEO A. Barry Rand sent a letter to leaders on the Hill, encouraging them to provide $250 in emergency relief to millions of older Americans who are struggling in the current tough economic climate. AARP's support for this measure comes in response to the expected announcement that…
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