You Did It! CNN Presses Candidates on Social Security

Your voices were heard. Last night, CNN Republican debate moderator Jake Tapper responded to the 140,000 AARP members who signed our petition and others who tweeted suggested questions by asking every candidate about their plan for the future of Social Security. Last week, AARP’s Take a Stand campaign delivered petitions to Fox News and CNN urging the networks to ask the candidates a question about how they would update Social Security for future generations. Our AARP Florida team also did …

Chained CPI Petitions Delivered to Capitol Hill: 1.5 Million Say No

Fifteen cardboard boxes. Ten thousand pages. And about 1.5 million people who want to be heard signed their names on one or more petitions, for a total of 2.3 million signatures. A group of AARP volunteers – known as the Capitol Hill Strike Force – descended on the U.S. Capitol this morning to deliver their messages to the House Ways and Means Committee. “As members of Congress consider proposals to reform these vital retirement security programs, it’s critical that they …

Social Security – Helping Future Generations Today

We hear from many AARP members who talk about their hopes that Social Security will be there for their grandchildren and children like it has been for them.
But here's something that you may not be aware of. Social Security, in many cases is already helping future generations.