Am I the only person left on earth who prefers hearing someone laugh instead of reading LOL? The 40-year-old man I've started dating must think I’m pretty funny because he texts me LOL a lot. In fact, he texts me all the time. His hearts and smiley faces look sweet on my cellphone, but the acronyms he uses often send me searching on the Internet for what the heck he is saying to me.
Woman being harassed by debt collectors
The latest mask worn by scamming debt collectors is a real slap in the face, given that the con artists pose as the very state agencies that go after them. At least three attorneys general offices (New York, Virginia and Missouri) have recently issued warnings about being spoofed. Impersonating the attorney general or reps of that official, crooks threaten consumers with arrest unless a supposed debt is immediately paid.
Remember those bogus offers for a free medical alert device? That robocall ripoff, which went viral last year, has returned with a vengeance - with two new twists.
Jury duty scam
As the forecast faithful can verify, March certainly came in like a lion. But out like a lamb?
rotary phone
Perhaps the last nuisance phone call you might expect is from the very government agency that's trying to halt them... especially if your phone number is among the 209 million already listed on the National Do Not Call Registry.
End to robocalls
The latest weapon in the battle against illegal robocalls is now ready to halt those illegal automated telemarking phone calls at your home... provided your service provider is compatible with the technology it uses.
The following is a guest post from Suzie Mitchell. 
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