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En español |  When fake news isn’t fueling what some considered tip-the-scales influence on a presidential choice, the primary purpose of shocking headlines and bogus reports is to make money for some while scamming others.
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In August it was Louisiana that was devastated. In September, Iowa got soaked. And since last week, flooding triggered by Hurricane Matthew has affected portions of East Coast states from Florida to Virginia.
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Some food for thought at that Labor Day barbecue: Scammers are increasing their focus on small and midsize businesses. Among the top ploys that burn employers and their labor force:
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Lucky me. Turns out I’m entitled to receive $3,200 in “free” government money. The reason, the caller explained: “Because you always file your IRS taxes on time.”
Many freebies come at a cost. And with unsolicited offers for supposedly free medical supplies and services, it’s often identity theft.
Sally Hurme
By Sally Hurme
IRS Scrabble pieces
From its infancy several months ago, this was no typical telephone scam "phishing" for personal information.
Jury Duty Scam
Some folks make all kinds of claims to get out of jury duty. But don't believe a phone call claiming you're about to be arrested for ignoring your civic duty - especially if you never received a jury summons.
Parking Lot
It can be a tough road maneuvering around scams. And it doesn't get any easier when you're just parking. Consider these six ploys:
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