The Takeaway: Carbonation Nation, Exercising Away Arthritis and Skinny Genes

My parents tell stories of the once-a-week (if that) treat that soda was for them growing up, but by the time I reached childhood, there was an extra icebox in the basement just for Pepsi, Coke and Country Time Lemonade. Sodas and other sugar-sweetened drinks have become the go-to beverages for many of us"”according to the CDC, about half of Americans consume them on any given day. Diet drinks weren't included in the study (while diet beverages might not have the calories and sugars of 'the real thing,' they are associated with their own health risks), but as it stands, the average grown man gets an extra 175 calories per day from sugary drinks; the average woman, 94 calories.

Shopping Improves Health! (“Duh,” Say Women)

 Yes! Science has finally confirmed what women have known all  along: Older men and women who shop  frequently live longer  than those who don’t. Shopping provides companionship, exercise and the chance to  maintain a healthy diet, say researchers in Taiwan who studied  nearly 2,000 men and women aged 65 and over. The study was  published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. The researchers found that those who shopped just once a week or less didn’t live as long …