Stressed out man with laptop
Happy New Year! Start 2016 on the right foot, with these simple steps to reduce your risk of scams:
Swiping a credit card reader at gas pump
On the heels of findings that skimming attacks recently hit a 20-year high comes even more risk at ATMs, thanks to innovations by evil-genius crooks.
ATM with and without card skimmer
While breach-fatigued retailers work to reduce the theft of their customers’ plastic-payment data, scammers have turned their focus to stealing card details at the ATM.
Two-step authentication
In an era in which online accounts can be cracked with sophisticated software or a hacker’s ingenuity, taking an extra step when you log in can give you miles in added protection — even when using “strong” passwords.
Paying without mobile wallet
Since debuting in late October, Apple Pay has certainly proved to be easy, convenient and popular. Upstaging previous efforts by Google, eBay and various start-ups, the latest mobile-wallet venture is now accepted at some 700,000 locations across the United States and has 2,500 partnering banks and institutions.
Using debit card at retail store
Worried about data breaches but still prefer to use your debit card? You’re not alone.
Identity theft is fast-moving. Are you asleep at the wheel?
credit card at gas station
En español |  Credit or debit? Although both cards look the same, they offer different protections.
smartphone trade-in
The typical cellphone user upgrades every 18 months. Trade-in programs like those recently announced by Apple and Walmart could spark even quicker stampedes for the latest-and-greatest models - with turned-in phones still full of personal data.
gas station pump
As if the price of gasoline isn't bad enough, there's a new form of off-the-highway robbery: The theft of valuables from inside your car as you fill your gas tank.
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