Politico Magazine has tallied the numbers, and the Oscar for best state goes to ... New Hampshire.
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Political junkies and regular voters from both parties can cross the great aisle of division, and unite around an iPad app that dishes up politics evenly.
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The left keeps screaming at the right.The right keeps screaming at the left. And for a punchline, Politico recently said that a bunch of Washington politicians have decided to meet again behind closed doors to come up with a secret deal that may or may not change Social Security and Medicare without giving Americans a say. On June 20, volunteers and AARP staff from all 50 states descended on the Capitol to meet with Senators and members of Congress from both parties to let them know what Americans think about the two programs that help give us a secure retirement.
Shaarp Session sits down to talk Election '08 with Jonathan Martin, blogger and reporter for Politico.
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