Prescription drug

As discussions on Capitol Hill heat up around what to include in a huge new budget bill, AARP chief advocacy and engagement officer Nancy LeaMond on Thursday sent lawmakers a list of provisions that would “improve the health and financial security of all older Americans.” Her letter to the House…
It’s well known that prescription drug prices are skyrocketing in America. Price increases for brand name drugs have far exceeded the rate of inflation since at least 2006, according to AARP’s Rx Price Watch report. And the average annual cost for just one brand name drug taken on a chronic basis…
Stop RX Greed "u2013 Listening Tour
Growing Momentum in Federal and State Governments
If you use generic prescription drugs, you'll be happy to know that you paid nearly 8 percent less for them in 2009, according to a new report  from AARP's Public Policy Institute.
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