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Money and prescription pills
A group that advises Virginia’s government has voiced support for a prescription drug affordability board to help bring down costs in the state.
AARP is rolling out a new national ad campaign to celebrate President Joe Biden signing a bill that will lower the cost of prescription drugs.
Prescription medicine and money
An executive order signed by New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham will create a panel tasked with finding ways to lower prescription drug prices.
Pill bottles
AARP New York delivered more than 2,200 prescription drug bottles to state officials urging them to lower prescription drug prices.
We’re rolling out a $4.5 million advertising and grassroots campaign urging lawmakers to finally take comprehensive action to lower prescription drug prices.
Two years of the COVID-19 public health crisis have clarified the steps needed to establish a more secure future for all.
Woman looks at bottle of medication.
Despite the myriad of financial challenges facing patients and all Americans, many brand name drug companies have already increased the prices of their products in 2022.
adult organizes prescription medication
A new type of prescription drug for stroke prevention for adults with atrial fibrillation quickly replaced the existing standard treatment—even before evidence emerged to support the switch.
pills and dollars
Has this happened to you lately? You go to refill one of your regular prescriptions at the pharmacy and the copay has gone up — a lot.
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By Julie Appleby, Senior Correspondent, Kaiser Health News
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