Stop RX Greed "u2013 Listening Tour
Growing Momentum in Federal and State Governments
The federal government popped the cap off drug spending on April 30, detailing doctor-by-doctor and drug-by-drug how Medicare and its beneficiaries spent $103 billion on pharmaceuticals in 2013.
Mature couple researching medicine on the internet
By Nicole Duritz
The average monthly premium for a basic prescription drug plan under Medicare Part D will be just $1 higher next year, the government projects.
Prescription drug programs that automatically ship out refills at regular intervals can help older Americans follow doctor's orders, according to business organizations that are lobbying against a Medicare crackdown on the practice.
By Ankita Rao, Staff Writer, Kaiser Health News
What the heck is going on with doctors in some parts of the country who prescribe risky drugs for older adults?
Pill Identifier
Despite all our medical advancements, let's face it: a lot of pills look alike.
Once upon a time, we trusted that our doctors knew our all of our medications, and how they interacted. But now, trooping off to the cardiologist one day, and the gastroenterologist the next, with a side of psychiatrist? And what happens if, say, you forget to mention all the drugs you're taking to…
A new CDC study reveals that nearly 3 in 10 Americans has shared prescriptions with someone else.
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