Credit cards with EMV chip
En español | If you haven’t already received your new EMV “smart chip” credit card(s), you soon will. What else can you expect, even if you were previously sent the new plastic? Expect bogus emails allegedly sent by card issuers, PayPal or other businesses that supposedly provide details about your account with more secure, chip-imbedded cards.
Couple wearing ear protection at NASCAR race
In general, summer is easier on the ears than winter, because many of us spend time outdoors and enjoying leisure activities that tend to be quieter than some winter pursuits.
Think you’re safer paying with cash? Not always. For instance, holiday shopping means mall pickpockets are on the prowl.
By Kristin Keckeisen, Fraud Watch Network campaign manager
Consumer protection
Bank of America is the latest major financial institution ordered to refund millions of dollars to consumers who were billed for credit card-related products they never ordered - and likely didn't even need.
The following is a guest post by Sam Wilson - AARP Wisconsin State Director
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This is a guest post by Sean Voskuhl - State Director, AARP Oklahoma
The following is a guest post from Sarah Jennings - State Director, AARP South Dakota
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