RAISE Family Caregivers Act

Helping her Old Man
Funcionarios de salud emitieron esta semana una estrategia detallada que describe acciones a nivel federal, estatal y local que apoyarían a los cuidadores familiares.
Helping her Old Man
Health officials this week issued an in-depth strategy outlining actions at the federal, state and local levels that would support family caregivers.
A senior man walks on a trail with his adult son, who is his caregiver.
The value of unpaid family care is huge. Although policy change is underway, more robust action is needed to support caregiving families.
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In workplaces and at kitchen tables across the country, Americans are grappling with a growing issue that touches so many of us: the enormous struggles we face when caring for relatives and friends who need ongoing help because of a chronic illness, disability, or a serious health condition.
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