Raymond Burr

In theaters this weekend: A cool workplace comedy; a searing cop drama.
Ringo Starr - Lisztomania (1975)
Can’t engineer a private audience with Pope Francis this week? Schedule a viewing of these movie pontiffs — the quirky, the comical, the heroic.
With the new 3-D version starring Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, Godzilla is bigger, badder and louder than ever. From a technical standpoint, there's no sense in even comparing director Gareth Edwards' computer-generated monster of today with the Japanese original of 60 years ago -  a lumbering…
a Ishirí´ Honda Gojira Godzilla DVD Review PDVD_016
The destroyer rises from the ocean, utterly unexpected, leaves untold destruction in its wake; and gives rise to the threat of nuclear destruction.
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