reading glasses

Jane Ubell-Meyer
Ready-made reading glasses, or “readers,” have become a favorite impulse buy for women age 50-plus. They make us look cooler, smarter and sexier without once subjecting us to the latest diet fad or clothing trend.
Marilyn Monroe with glasses
Who said reading glasses had to be frumpy?
For those of us spending more and more time gazing at a computer screen, it's proving to be --literally -- a pain in the neck. And in the head. And the eyes.
Rumor has it, you gents have a hard time admitting you need a little help here and there. That's right, your spouses have been talking. First, it was not needing to stop for directions, or following that Ikea how-to manual (which, let's be honest, aren't that helpful anyway). Now, you're swearing…
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