Yield sign with scam alert written on it. Photog: AmanaLang
Burned once in a scam? Then brace yourself for a repeat rip-off attempt that starts with a promise of help in recovering your initial losses.
IRS scammer calling smartphone
The end of tax season doesn’t mean an end to tax scams; rather, a new wave starts with the deadline for filing tax returns (typically April 15 but this year extended three days so Emancipation Day can be celebrated today).
Here’s a time you want to hear from the IRS.
Think you’re safer paying with cash? Not always. For instance, holiday shopping means mall pickpockets are on the prowl.
Consumer protection
Bank of America is the latest major financial institution ordered to refund millions of dollars to consumers who were billed for credit card-related products they never ordered - and likely didn't even need.
Hello, IRS? Is anyone there?
Early 2013 tax filers expecting a refund will have to wait a bit next year.
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