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When Regis Philbin said goodbye to morning television last November, he insisted he wasn't retiring, per se -- just moving on. True to his word, the world-record-holding talk show host (he's logged more on-air hours than anyone in the history of television, according Guinness World Records) will return to T.V. next week as a recurring guest in Rachael Ray's kitchen.
Here's the image of Regis Philbin that I'll always carry with me: It was sometime in the mid-1990s, and I happened to be sitting in the audience of Live with Regis and Kathy Lee in New York City. They went to the first commercial break, and two things happened: Almost instantaneously, a curtain of people surrounded Kathy Lee Gifford, shielding her from the audience's view, seeming to pepper her with questions and suggestions while she studied cards bearing information, I could only guess, about the next guest. At that same moment, almost like a thoroughbred at the Kentucky Derby's starting bell, Regis burst from his chair and dashed into the audience, beaming broadly, shaking hands, asking where folks were from and invariably responding with 10-second anecdotes about the time he visited there. "Buffalo? I love Niagara Falls!"..."Atlanta? I tell ya, I love it when folks down there say Co-Cola!"
Talk show host Regis Philbin will make his final appearance this Friday morning on "Live With Regis and Kelly." And the brains of women who complain of memory lapses or mental slippage around the time of menopause may be working extra hard to keep up, a new study shows.
An Apple (Brandy) A Day Keeps the Doctor Away. Good news for the ladies, here: Researchers have uncovered more evidence that moderate drinking for 'midlife' women is linked to better long-term health. Women who drank five or more grams of alcohol (between one-third and one drink) per day, three to seven days per week, had a 50% better chance of healthy aging compared with non-drinkers (how's that for specifics?). Drinking just one to two days a week was not linked to better health, however.
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