The Takeaway: Older Voters In Florida Wanted More From GOP Candidates On Social Security, Medicare

Going into <strong>Florida's Republican primary</strong> election today, the candidates have spent little time focusing on programs such as <strong>Social Security</strong> and <strong>Medicare</strong>"”and older voters aren't happy about it.

The Takeaway: Senior Support Could Drive Romney Win In Florida; Joe Paterno Dies

The next GOP primary is in Florida, home to a lot of older voters. Some folks say this makes the state an easy win for Mitt Romney, of whom older voters have historically been fond. But as we saw in South Carolina, Newt Gingrich also holds presidential appeal with both the boomer and the 65+ sets.

And The Republican Presidential Nominee Will Be?!

With all eyes on Iowa tonight, the Republican Presidential nominees wait with baited breath as Iowans come together and cast their vote at the caucuses. We know you’ve probably been watching the news and hearing the political back and forth, so our editor of AARP The Bulletin, Jim Toedtman, developed this quiz for you to see how your good your political prowess is. So make your predictions for the 2012 elections, keep them and see how your fared this time …